Blog #38 – Postgraduate Study Fair!


The Post-Graduate Fair! This was a big opportunity for me to attend to potentially discover a future pathway after graduation and carry on further and higher study! I booked my place in and checked in at 3pm. I was informed about what was going on throughout the event. Luckily I am already an undergrad at the University already, therefore, I am aware of the facilities, staff and also the expectations of higher education study due to currently almost completing my undergraduate course.

This is a potential consideration post-grad, and expanding on my study, apart of the Digital Media MA. I enquired about the student finance required which was incredibly clear and extremely helpful. All the staff were very considerate and able to direct/advised me to certain tables at the event. The whole event was a drop in from 3pm till 6pm, with various talks about taught and research post-grad options and also routes into teaching. Overall I am more aware of studying post-grad and what it involves, in fact, I am going to write some notes and discuss one to one with Richard, who is in charge of the course as he was running late to the event.

I feel like this option would be more considerate as I was advised during the far to possibly be a photography assistant or work freelance alongside this MA. The MA involves working with various Digital Media courses such as graphics for example, which can allow me to gain numerous contacts and push my work to its ultimate potential. The course is only a year, however, I am debating to either option; going straight into the MA or taking a gap year to start developing my business and potentially undertake the MA at a later date. However, I am glad I was able to attend this event as it varies my decision post-grad, and developing my future.

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